International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering (IJMQE) - Forthcoming

  • Characterization of a Spherical Heat Source for Measuring Thermal Conductivity and Water Content of Ethanol and Water Mixtures
    Júlio Dutra Brionizio, Alcir de Faro Orlando and Georges Bonnier
    Accepted: 02/05/2017
  • NIS method for uncertainty estimation of airborne sound insulation measurement in field
    Tarek Mohamed Elbasheer, Rabab S. Youssef and Hatem Kh Mohamed
    Accepted: 02/05/2017
  • Singular Value Decomposition Based Satellite Attitude Determination Using Different Sensor Configurations
    Demet Cilden Guler and Chingiz Hajiyev
    Accepted: 02/05/2017
  • Development and Characterization of a ZnO/Ge Photodiode for Optical Radiation Measurements in the Near Infrared
    Accepted: 02/05/2017
  • Comparison of GUM and Monte Carlo method for the uncertainty estimation in hardness measurements
    Gouda Mohamed Mahmoud and Riham Samir Hegazy
    Accepted: 02/05/2017
  • Development of NIS 137Cs Irradiation Facility for Metrological Application
    Ahmed El-Sersy
    Accepted: 02/05/2017
  • X-ray computed tomography for additive manufacturing in medicine: a review
    Adam Thompson, Donal McNally, Ian Maskery and Richard Leach
    Accepted: 02/05/2017
  • Thermal compensation for large volume metrology and structures
    Bingru Yang, David Ross-Pinnock, Jody Muelaner and glen mullineux
    Accepted: 25/01/2017