International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering (IJMQE) - Forthcoming

  • Evaluation of dynamic measurement uncertainty in the time domain in the application to high speed rotating machinery
    Oleksandr Vasilevskyi, Pavlo Kulakov, Kostyantyn Ovchynnykov and Volodymyr Didych
    Accepted: 13/09/2017
  • Numerical Analysis of the Accuracy of Bivariate Quantile Distributions Utilizing Copulas Compared to the GUM Supplement 2 for Oil Pressure Balance Uncertainties
    Vishal Ramnath
    Accepted: 12/09/2017
  • Completely Automated System for Capacitance Measurement through New Accurate Capacitance Box
    Mohammed Helmy Abd El-Raouf
    Accepted: 12/09/2017
  • Critical analysis of the Acceptance Criteria used in Measurement Systems Evaluation
    Sueli Fischer Beckert and Wagner Saucedo Paim
    Accepted: 28/08/2017
  • Development and Characterization of a ZnO/Ge Photodiode for Optical Radiation Measurements in the Near Infrared
    Accepted: 02/05/2017